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Our Mission

Through our Fitlab community we strive to empower individuals through the physical, mental, and emotional journey of fitness while catering to the health and wellness of everyone. Our scientific approach is designed to help you reach your fitness goals as well as motivate, inspire, and transform you from the inside out.

Our warm up consists of dynamic exercises to warm up the muscles and prep your body for the workout to come. The exercises include anything from jumping jacks and high knees to push ups and bodyweight squats.

As soon as the warm up is done the trainer will explain the workout for the day. After explaining the workout, the trainer will go to each station and demonstrate each exercise and allow for any modifications as needed. Fitlab workouts follow a circuit format style of training, so there are multiple exercises performed at each station.

The finisher starts at the end of the workout and is designed to make sure that you have burnt through every last bit of energy you have. Finishers create “oxygen-debt” in your body which helps you to keep burning fat even after the workout is done.The finishers can last any where from 1 minute to 3 minutes, and include plyometric exercises or isometric holds. Finisher’s are great for fat loss, building muscle, and increasing your work capacity.

After completing the finisher it’s time to cool-down the body and stretch out. These stretches should be non dynamic and used to gradually bring down the heart rate and reduce soreness for the next day.

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Formula for Success


Between work, soccer practice, cooking, and family time we understand life gets busy. Fitlab offers the most effective, efficient, and innovative 30 minute workouts to burn fat and tone your muscles.


Every member receives a nutrition consultation with tailored meal plan to fit their goals and needs, as well as access to a variety of great tasting recipes to keep your meals fun and keep you on track with your goals


Our workouts are scientifically designed to make you burn twice the fat than traditional workouts. The secret is what we call LAB BURN, scientifically known as EPOC. This is the process of increased metabolism up to 28 hours after your workout, resulting in the body burning more calories.


We offer state of the art heart rate monitoring system to provide a safe training environment and to make sure that heart rate is staying in our LAB BURN zone to keep you burning more calories.