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What is FitLab?

Fitlab is a fitness facility where men and women come together in a supportive and energetic environment for a 30-minute workout that focuses on High Intensity Interval Training to maximize both your time and results. We offer a state of the art heart rate monitoring system during our workouts to encourage a safe and effective training experience.

Our workouts are scientifically designed to help you burn body fat and tone your muscles. Fitlab workouts follow a circuit style format of training. Multiple exercises are performed at each station.

Workouts are done in a group setting where all participants can have fun together while working towards their individual goals. Fitlab supports the scientifically proven data that shows that people who participate in group style training will experience significant improvements in the three quality of life measures: mental, physical, and emotional.


Every session is led by a certified trainer who strives to help each participant reach their individual goals.

Fitlab has created over 3,000 workouts in their database to keep you from getting bored with the same routine and making sure your body can’t adapt to the workout, this will prevent any type of fitness plateau and keep you burning fat and toning those muscles. All of our workouts are modified to fit your individual goals and fitness level. Whether you have never worked out before or are an elite athlete, Fitlab is the right workout for you.

Most importantly, our program goes further than just fitness. We show you how to improve your quality of life through personalized nutrition, accountability, and one on one focus meetings to keep you on track and on your way to achieving your goal.

Our Approach

The Science

The key to our amazing fat loss results is what we call our “Lab burn Effect” the scientific name for this is known as EPOC or excess post-exercise oxygen consumption. This is the amount of oxygen required to restore your body to it’s normal resting level of metabolic function. This process is how your body can continue to burn calories up to 28 hours after your workout. Using a circuit style of training combined with high intensity interval training and  strength training puts you into the metabolic state to keep you burning fat and building muscle at the same time.


The Technology

Fitlab enhances your experience with innovative technology called Myzone. This technology is an innovative wearable heart rate system that uses wireless and cloud technology to accurately monitor physical activity and delivers your heart rate data and performance metrics in real time.

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