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Improving on your health and wellness goes beyond the scale.

January is just around the corner, which means it's almost time to set those New Year resolutions.

Men and Women everywhere will flock to their local gyms to lose some of those unwanted pounds. Sadly, 80% of those people will fail with those resolutions by the second week of February.

You will not be another statistic! Forget everything you’ve heard about “weight loss” your success will not be shown through a number on a scale. Instead, your success will be shown through how you look, how your clothes fit, and more importantly how you feel.

Now, this is a limited time offer​ and will only be available to a small group of people- those who are serious about letting go of that scale and transforming their body from the inside out.


Are You Tired Of Starting Your New Year Weight Loss Resolution Fully Committed, Only To Quit And End Up Right Back Where You Started Or Worse?

Our 6-week program Is The Guaranteed Method To Help You Avoid Failure In Your Weight Loss Resolution ​Without Having To Diet Or Spend Hours At A Time In The Gym​.

In 2019 stop struggling with...

  • That number on the scale that won’t budge

  • ​​Diets that are impossible to stick to and flat out don't work

  • Your outfits not fitting the way they should

  • Trouble spots on your body that just won't go away

  • Working hours in the gym without seeing any results

By Joining This program You'll Get In ​Great Shape, Feel Amazing, Have More Energy, Boost Your Confidence, And Never Have To Set Another Weight Loss Resolution Again​!


What can I expect to achieve at the end of the program?

After 6 weeks you'll end up:

  • No longer focusing on the number on the scale
  • Losing 6-12 inches off your entire body with 3 to 12% lower body fat
  • Feeling more comfortable in your clothes (although you will have to buy new ones)
  • Tightening your arms, belly, hips, and thighs
  • Increased energy to tackle your busy life
  • Building physical strength and confidence in your body
  • Gaining mental clarity and focus
  • Sleeping better at night
  • More stable, more positive mood throughout the day
  • Letting go of food confusion, learning what to eat, and how to not stress about it
When does it start?

Start date is January 6, 2020, and will run for 6 weeks. Please make sure to schedule your 10 minute consultation before the start date.

What are the session times?

Our sessions are only 30 minutes long so even those with the busiest schedules can find time to workout

MONDAY - FRIDAY:​ 5:30am, 6:30am, 7:30am, 10:30am, 4:30pm, 5:30pm, 6:30pm

SATURDAY - 7​ :30am, 8:30am, 9:30am

Who is the program for?

MEN & WOMEN​ from any fitness level can participate in this program— regardless of your age, weight or previous injury.

Everyone is welcome here at Fitlab!

What if I have a specific injury or can't perform a certain exercise?

Our trainers will get to know you and your current physical condition in your consultation so they can modify each exercise to fit your specific needs, including prior injuries.

How soon can I expect to see results?

This isn’t a short-term gimmick. After completing the program forget about quick fixes forever and embrace this as a permanent way of life.

That said, you will start to feel different within the first 48 hours and will notice physical changes within the first week.

What will be required of me?

We encourage you to workout a minimum of 3x per week for guaranteed results.

Where is Fitlab?

You can find us at 91 Union Street, West Springfield, MA 01089

Reach out to us with any questions at t​​ or call us at (413)266-8404.

I haven't exercised in a long time. Can I still participate?

Yes, you certainly can. As a matter of fact... YOU REALLY SHOULD!

Our passionate personal trainers will ensure you can complete the program and get amazing results regardless of your current fitness abilities.


Kayla Ramos

“I'm currently on my free week trial and I can definitely tell I love it already!! I feel absolutely certain that I will meet my goal and get great results!! Tim does amazing in coaching you along the way. I finally feel at a place where I belong and that kicks my butt to challenge me to my full potential!”

Jocelyn Montanez

“Fitlab is so much more than just coming to work out. Not only do you get quality workouts that push you to do greater things, but you also get a sense of community that feels like family!!! Since joining Fitlab I’ve lost 20lbs. I feel better and have so much more energy! Joining Fitlab has been one of the best decisions I’ve made!”

Krystle Marie

“I started going to Fitlab on the green and loved it so much I decided to check out the 7-day free trial after my first workout I knew I wanted to commit and became an official member. At that time I didn’t know how big of an impact it would have on my life not just physically but emotionally, mentally, spiritually and I’ve met some amazing people and my life has forever changed! I now love working out and am amazed at how much I have changed in such a short period of time! It’s only a 1/2 hour but it can change your life forever I highly recommend Fitlab it’s an amazing experience and the trainer is the best!”

Daisy Cruz-Brown

“Been working out with Tim and his 5:30 am team for over a week now and I can feel the difference in my body shape and energy level. So worth the early wake up time.”

Betzy Lasanta

”Definitely one of my best decisions!”

Ruben Camacho

“I worked with Fitlab for 4 months and it’s the best decision I’ve made. They have taught me to take control of my health and love life doing it. I dropped 60 lbs and I feel great. FitLab is more than a fitness center they are family. If you are looking for results while still being able to enjoy the sweet offers life presents FitLab West Springfield is for you.”

Cam Robitaille

“You never leave Fitlab disappointed. Such great supportive energy with Tim and the members. Highly recommend to anyone looking to transform and enjoy their workout in only 30 MINUTES!”

Donna Perlmutter

“Absolutely love the workouts. Tim is an amazing motivator. I had not worked out for a long time before joining Fitlab. I was concerned about keeping up, but also concerned about embarrassing myself because I was so out of shape. I almost instantly felt stronger, more confident, energized and was surrounded by amazingly supportive people!!”




This special offer is only for new members.


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December 30, 2019



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